Name: Shelly Salone

Voicebank Type: English VCCV

Voicer: SockHunter

Pitches: E3, A3, D4, G4

Range: D#3-B4

Recommended resampler: moresampler (with e flag), or fresamp14

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Please read the notes about voicebank usage :)


Shelly lives in and travels through reflections in glass and puddles. She uses her dress to camouflage herself against the sky and her dress can change according to her mood or the weather. She's generally lively and impulsive, but very shy and will try to hide if someone notices her. She enjoys traveling and blueberry cheesecake. 

Notes about voicebank usage:

i.e Why isn't she working?


use one of the recommended ones ^^

there may also be other one's that work that I haven't tested because I use the same resamplers for almost everything

I edited the reclist, so some of the consonants and vowels have been removed.


all "dh" have been removed- CV "th" is pronounced as "dh" and VC "th" is pronounced as "th," so most of the time the pronunciation will be correct if "th" is used instead of "dh" (there is still a CC- "dh" if it's needed).

All "dd" have been removed- if necessary they've just been replaced with "d"

Aliases with "hhy" have been changed to "hy" (so hhya becomes hya)

Removed "9" except for the "9l" ending (because a=9)

Removed "x" (because u=x)

Replaced most & with @ except for "&n" endings (the word "than" would become "th@-&n")

added CC- "vl"

added a new vowel denoted "4" (pronounced "-air" like in the word "care"), this isn't really needed but I think it's easier to have

only 2 pitches have _CV, A3 (default) and G4

I apologize in advance about her breath samples. They are what they are.

Future Plans:

These are things I'm either currently working on, or things I am close to working on.

-A breathy append, I'm thinking maybe 2 or 3 pitches for the final, I have about 1/2  a pitch done.


-A raspy(?) append, my voice is naturally kind of raspy, and UTAU hates this and interprets it as hoarse electronic screaming, so this would probably be a gag bank (for like, screamo songs)

-vocal fry, I've actually tried this already, but I tend to overkill the recording which is why I know UTAU will turn any raspiness of mine into hoarse electronic screaming

-she does technically have a power append (one pitch), but it sounds almost the same as her normal pitch, so it's not really worth using

Release Video:

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